Sep 29

Poverty Guide to Saving Money when Buying Parts

parts save moneyNine times out of ten, when your car needs to be serviced, you will need parts. Sometimes you just need fluids or maybe some ECU tuning, but that isn’t as common as removing worn/failed parts and replacing them to get back on the road. And since you are part of the Poverty Garage crew, you probably don’t have a lot of money to allocate toward parts. Luckily for you, you can now follow this handy breakdown of the lowest price sources to find the parts you need and save money at the same time.

1. Amazon
If you don’t have Prime, get it. I know, I know, its $79 a year, but how much is it to ship a pair of CV shafts? $15! Combine that with Amazon almost always having the lowest prices on the things you need (Tools included!) and it pays itself off FAST. Amazon also has an extensive list of parts for all vehicles. One drawback? A lot of the times the parts are not labeled for their specific trim level needs (Is this for the sedan or the wagon? I can’t tell!). How can you make sure you are getting the right part? Use Rock Auto’s parts lookup on their website and cross reference the part numbers to Amazon!


2. Rock Auto

RockAuto has an AMAZING parts lookup layout on their website. They have some of the best parts prices you will find and everything is easy to identify as it is all clearly labeled. They also accept Paypal if you prefer that. Major drawback? They don’t offer EVERYTHING, but pretty close to it.


3. Ebay
Ebay will often have low prices with free shipping as well. You will find not only replacement parts, but used parts, performance parts, and OEM replacements. Ebay really has EVERYTHING, and if it doesn’t, just wait a day or two and it will be there. While occasionally the sellers descriptions aren’t 100%, and there is a strong potential for fraud, eBay is a great source for cheap, quality parts.


4. Junkyard
You have already read Five Easy Tips for Pulling Parts from a Junkyard, right? If not, you should! The junkyard will have TONS of parts, entire parts cars! And all the parts are CHEAP! Remember though, you are dealing with used parts that may not be returnable. Some parts should not be replaced with used parts as well, so this isn’t the end all be all for parts sources.


5. Craigslist/Web forums
Treat craigslist and web forums like a junkyard. You can find parts cars, used parts, new parts, and aftermarket parts here, and for good prices that you can negotiate. Craigslist and web forums are also a great source to find others in your area who may be enthusiasts for your type of vehicle. Just remember, you’ll be meeting people in remote locations so always be prepared!


6. Advance Auto/Autozone/Napa/O’Rielly/Pep Boys/Etc.
These are the major retailers of auto parts, and you will normally have better luck finding good prices with the other methods listed here. However, these companies often ofer specials on things like oil changes and coupon codes (Advance is notorious for this) to get 50 off 125 or 40 off 100, which MAY be a better deal for you. Check their local flyers to see where the deals are. Biggest positive here is you can get your parts SAME DAY, where above you have to wait for shipping.



Want to pocket even MORE money? Take your worn, old parts and bring them to a local scrap yard! They will pay you cash for metal! With all of these methods combined, you will be sure to find a GREAT price for whatever parts you need. Once you get in the comparative shopping game you will find yourself knowing exactly where to go and for which parts. More importantly, you will also find yourself keeping those precious dollars in YOUR pocket!

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