Sep 17

How to Acquire Tools: The Poverty Way


I know a lot of you may be new to auto repair, and thats great! It’s always good to see someone want to know how to repair their own vehicle because in most cases parts are cheap and labor is not. The first hurdle you will face is to actually acquire tools.

If you want to be successful in your repair endeavors, you will need a good selection of tools. Sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, jacks, jackstands, and eventually air tools. If you are reading this article you are most likely part of the poverty crew, so I am here to show YOU how to get a great collection of tools at a low cost. ALSO, if it says Craftsman on it, bring it back to sears everytime it breaks (Which it will).


1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to find used tools. Most tools are non mechanical steel units like sockets, drivers and wrenches. If it is a respectable brand, its a good buy! Stay away from socket wrenches or mechanical items like torque wrenches when buying used because they may not give you a good bang for your buck. And since its craigslist you can probably barter sexual favors if that’s your kind of thing.


2. Harbor Freight

The motto is: If it has a motor or a pump, stay away from it at harbor freight! Personally I have used many plug in power tools from them and they have been reliable and worked well. I also have their impact sockets and pliers and have never had a problem. Wait for their flyer to come out and get their coupons from the website and build your collection!


3. Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops are always looking to unload tools, and in this method you can actually trade items for tools, like your brothers XBOX. Even still, you will often times find many name brand tools for great prices at a pawn shop. Just be sure to know what you are buying and how to handle the guy at the counter. Bundle things, say you only have x amount of cash. Pawn shops can look like yardsales where they will try and unload old inventory if the price is right.


4. Borrow from Friends and Family

I’ll bet you have a friend with a decent set of tools. Just ask if they dont need them that wekeend. Do you have to return them? Ill leave that up to you. If you don’t have any friends, ask your neighbor.

5. Flea Market

Flea markets always have a plethora of tools. Most of the time they will be old and crusty because (like above, except you were too slow to capitalize) someone died, or they got out of a business, or they bought it in a big lot at another auction, etc. Always carry cash and haggle. Bundle things together and if it’s 20$ and closer to the end of the day, say all you have is 15 cash (regardless of how much you have).


6. Dead People

Alright, I understand how awful this header looks, but this is one of the prime ways I have acqired my tools. If you hear anyone at work referring to a loss in the family, a lot of the times they are just trying to clean things out of the house and they will let quite a bit go for free or cheap.



Use these methods to build your toolkit and have everything you need to keep that beater going from point A to point B. Eventually you will want to invest in air tools (and all of these methods work for acquiring them), which will save a lot of time and agony.


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